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Whole-Faculty Study Groups™ National Centers
Carlene Murphy, Executive Director
4450 Old Waynesboro Rd.
Augusta, GA 30815
706-592-6251 (phone & fax)
Karl Clauset, Director
4579 El Dorado Way, #206
Bellingham, WA 98226
360-676-8001 (phone & fax)

WFSG Guiding Principles


Students are first.
All decisions about what study groups will do and how study groups will be organized is embedded in what students need for the teachers to do.

Everyone participates.
Every certificated person on the faculty is a member of a study group that is no larger than six members. This includes counselors, media specialists, resource teachers, coaches, and administrators. Most often teaching assistants that have instructional responsibilities are also members of study groups.

Leadership is shared.
Every member of a study group serves as leader. Leadership is rotated weekly or every two weeks. Leaders are primarily responsible for logistical concerns.

Responsibility is equal.
Every member of a study group is equally responsible for the work. Agreed upon study group norms keep members reminded of this standard.

The work is public.
Every study group's Study Group Action Plan is posted for everyone to see. After study group meetings, all of the study groups post the Study Group Logs on clipboards that are hung in a public place or on a school's electronic bulletin board.

Carlene Murphy, 2001